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Why is there no sound on my videos?

There are many reasons why your video might be without sound. This is something that can happen when using the mobile app. Before jumping to the conclusion that it is a technical issue you might want to check whether this happens with other videos on your phone, as well. To do so, just check a random video on the Internet or in another course. If the problem with the sound persists on other videos as well, it might be one of the following cases:

1. Sometimes we accidentally switch off the ringer/volume of our phone. It has happened to all of us. Please play with the sound buttons of your phone, up and down!

2. Even if you’ve turned on the sound/volume of your phone, there is another factor you need to consider. Check whether the notification setting from the rocker on the top left of your phone, is set to silent. If is is, then the sound of the videos will remain off.

3. Make sure you check, apart from the rocker, your phone's settings and sound notifications in general.
4. If none of the above applies, please try to reinstall the app and check again.

Still no sound on your videos? Please contact us at support.team@schoox.com and we’ll help you resolve the issue!




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