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How can I buy a BizLibrary subscription?

BizLibrary subscription licenses give you access to thousands of courses from our Marketplace. To buy a subscription, navigate to the Marketplace by selecting Training in the upper navigation bar, and then Purchase Courses. Search for the desired course, and select it. In the course panel that opens, select View the subscription plan.



You can then choose the number of licenses you want to buy, as well as review the annual cost per user and any respective discount. Select your options, and click the Subscribe Now button.



Select to buy a subscription for you, for others or for your Academy. 


Buy for You

You will receive an e-mail with a personal coupon code for courses that only you can enroll.


Buy for Others

You will receive an e-mail with a group coupon code for courses that you can share with your friends.


Buy for Your Academy

You’ll need to allocate licenses to your Academy members during or after the subscription process. Select your Academy, and then click the Select Users button. You can allocate licenses manually by selecting the users under the Individual Purchases; or create parameters based on specific criteria such as units, above units, jobs and locations under the Advanced Purchases. Select Open Purchases to allocate the licenses after you complete your subscription. Fill in the details, and follow the steps to complete the purchase.


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