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How can I request an assessement?

As an Admin of an academy, you can request an assessment of employees’ skills from managers that have been given the proper permissions.


Navigate to the Administration Panel by selecting Admin from the upper navigation bar. From the left side menu select Request Assessments under the Skill Management tab.


In the panel that opens, you can select an Individual request or an Advanced request.


Individual requests allow you to select your team members manually by clicking the appropriate “+” symbol.


Set the starting date of the assessment. Optionally, check the Repeat this request box and select the frequency from the drop down list to make this request ongoing. Finally, click Request to complete the procedure.

Please note that if you select to repeat the request, the starting date does not indicate when the next assessment will take placeonly when the assessment data collection will start. The actual assessment will take place after the starting date depending on the frequency you have set, e.g, a month, two months etc. For example, if you select the starting date to be April 13 and choose to repeat this request every month, the assessment will take place on May 13.


Advanced requests use filters to send requests only to users that fit within specific parameters. To create those parameters, simply, use the drop-down menus, and check the boxes provided.


The number of individuals that fit the criteria will display below.

As with Individual requests, you can set the request to be a one-off or ongoing.


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