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How Can I Complete an On the Job Training Task?

On the Job Trainings in Schoox, have two types of tasks. Tasks that can be simply checked off when complete, and tasks that require some sort of homework from the employee.


To complete your tasks, navigate to your course panel, and select the appropriate step. In the panel that opens, click on the title of your On the Job training.



To complete tasks that don’t require any verification from you, simply check off the box Not signed yet under the Trainee list. 

To complete a task that requires a Home Assignment, you have to provide some sort of verification to your trainer. This assignment could be a report or even a test, and most likely was given to you by your instructor. After completing your assignment based on your manager's instructions, you have to upload it in Schoox. You can upload different types of files (for example, .ppt,.doc, .xls, etc). To do so, click Upload File in the Trainee column.

Your manager can then rate your performance, and add any needed comments.






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