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How can I manage Leaderboards?


In Schoox, you can see where you stand within the community or an academy. The more active you are, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the higher your score.

Points are gathered automatically, behind the scenes, based on your role in Schoox. Others relating to your content also affect your score - for example, you earn points when someone enrolls in or comments on a course you’ve created.

Academy Leaderboard

To go to your Academy Leaderboard, Hover over Me in the upper navigation bar, and select Leaderboard. The Academy Leaderboard gives you an overview of where you stand among others in your academy (Global Leaderboard), and within a specific unit or above unit (Local Leaderboard). If you are an admin or manager you can also drill down to view information on specific job positions, units and above units.



Select the General tab to monitor the points and trends of all employees in your academy. Employees can gather points by attending courses both on topics relating to their focus, as well as courses outside their focus - with each receiving different values.

If you are an admin you may also be interested in checking  the level of focus of a specific employee’s training. Simply, hover over the level of focus bar next to the employee's name, to see the indication of expertise.  



Select the By Expertise tab, and then a job category from the drop down list to filter employees based on their job position.



New employees are also grouped in This Month leaderboards, and all employees in All Time Leaderboards. Simply select one of the trophy icons on the right to filter the information accordingly.

On the right of this panel, you can also check how many points you need in order to improve your position in the academy.


Please note that the Admin of an academy can set how many points will be earned after specific activities - for example, when a learner enrolls in a course, completes a course, passes an exam etc. Points can range from 0 to 5 for each activity.  

Please note: Once they are set it is not possible to change these settings.


Community Leaderboard

To go to the Community Leaderboard, navigate to your personal navigation bar by hovering over the Schoox "X" icon in your Academy navigation bar, and select Me. Then hover over Learn, and select My Ranking .


In the panel that opens you can see where each member stands in the Schoox community.

You can filter the members of the community based on their role in Schoox.


Learners - Members who gather points by attending courses, taking exams, participating in discussion boards etc.

Instructors - Members who gather points by creating courses, having positive course ratings, optional enrollments in courses etc.

Contributors - Members, such as training managers or content managers, who gather points by sharing and editing content.


As with Academy Leaderboards, Community Leaderboards allow you to monitor the level of focus, the total points each employee has, and the points needed to get listed in the Leaderboard.



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