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How Can I Use the Impact of Knowledge Fuel dashboard?

The level of knowledge fuel reflects the level of your organization's knowledge adequacy. It enables you to explore the impact of your training even further, by monitoring the combination of exams succession and completion rate in a separate dashboard. Use this dashboard to explore whether the knowledge offered through training to employees is impactful to your business, on a personal and collective level.

Select the Admin tab from the upper navigation menu. Under Business Impact on the left - side menu, select Impact of Knowledge Fuel. Then, fill in all the necessary information in the drop-down menu.



You can select to filter the information per Unit. This will show you data that reflects whether the level of collective knowledge per unit has an impact on KPIs, or on your business growth.

Select to filter information per employee if you want to correlate the level of knowledge fuel to the level of skill strength of employees for a specific job.

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