Can I assign units or jobs on multiple users simultaneously?

Administrators can assign units and jobs to many users at once. In order to do admins can do the following:

1. Go to the "Manage Members" section by selecting the "Admin" tab from the top menu and then the "Manage Members" tab from the submenu.

2. Select the Members required by clicking the checkbox next to their name.

3. Click the "Add Units" button on the left side of the list and assign the unit (s) to the selected users.


This option does not allow to assign jobs to the selected users. In order to be able to assign job to multiple users the admin needs to select a Unit from the filters on the top of the list. By doing that, new options will appear in the left side of the list. The admin can then select the users by clicking the checkbox and then select the "Add Jobs" or "Remove Jobs" button to assign job or remove job from the selected users.



Admins can also select all the members by clicking on the "Member" checkbox at the top of the list. This will automatically select all the users that correspond to the filters set by the admin (if any). Otherwise if there are no filters selected, this option will select all the employees of the academy.

* Selecting all Members of the academy requires the admin to be very carefull with the option selected as it will influence the whole academy and reverting this will not be feasible.

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