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Monitoring the Onboarding Process

The Academy Administrators can monitor all Onboarding Profiles at any time by selecting from the Admin panel the Onboardings tab and then the Dashboard tab.

The Admin can see right away all the average statistics for the onboarding profiles as presented in the following image:


  1. The number of all onboarding profiles
  2. The average duration of all onboarding profiles
  3. The average assessments, courses, curricula and messages of all onboarding profiles
  4. The average number of employees of all onboarding profiles
  5. The average training completion of all onboarding profiles
  6. The average skill assessment of all onboarding profiles

Then there is a list of all onboarding profiles and the admin can see for each profile the number of onboarding employees, the training completion and the skill assessment.

By selecting one of the profiles, the admin can drill down to checking the training statistics for the selected onboarding profile for any training material entered in the profile (courses, curricula and assessments). The admin can also see the list of all employees that were included in the selected onboarding profile with the training completion and the skill assessment for each employee.


If the admin selects the course or a curriculum included in the profile, the list will be filtered to display the progress and the delays for each employee that had the selected course assigned.


If the admin selects an assessment in the profile the list will show the stats of the employees for the selected assessment.



To find out how to set up your Onboarding Plans check the Setting up your Onboarding Process

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