How to assign multiple courses/curricula to multiple users?

In Schoox, users with Admin rights, Training Managers or Managers with the Assign Training permission enabled, can assign multiple courses/curricula to multiple users.

There are two different ways to complete this kind of assignments:

  • Assignment Template
  • Assign Multiple Courses/Curricula option

Let's check both of the options in more detail!

1. Assignment Template

  • Click on the Assign Training option from your Administration panel.
  • Select either Courses or Curricula, depending on the assignment that you are planning to make.
  • Download the assignment template and fill in all of the relevant information (such as Course Id, User Id, Assignment date, etc.)
  • Upload the template



  • Due dates should be only future dates
  • Completion dates should be only past dates
  • You have the option to add/edit the due date for a course that is already assigned.

2. Assign Multiple Courses/Curricula option

Two extra options are available under the Online Training tab on your panel: Assign Multiple Courses and Assign Multiple Curricula.


First, you need to select the users to be assigned. You can select individual users by filtering the users populating to those being associated with the desired organizational structure set by you or use the advanced registration functionality where users are filtered by job code. If you have added extra custom attributes for your employees, you have also the option to filter your results based on these fields. Last but not least, you can also add a message.

 Individual Assignment

Advanced Assignment


After all desired users are selected, it is time for the course selection. Courses populating are all available courses within the academy. The same applies to curricula.

Please note: (Assistant) Unit Managers and (Assistant) Head ofs will be able to assign courses only from users that either belong to their (Above) Unit or their underneath (Above) Units. Moreover, they will be able to select only the courses that they have the permission to access, based on the relevant category permissions.

To learn more on the assignment processes you can read here:
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