How can I run reports with multiple filters?

You can run reports using multiple filters, taking into account two types of above units, or grouping them based on an extra type of above unit. 

Simply navigate to the Basic Reporting tab on the left-side menu of your Admin panel. 

On the top of the page, select the Above Unit and Unit for which you wish to run a report. 

To use multiple filters, select the "+"  icon on the right part of the filters. 



Select the extra Above Unit and Unit you wish to take into account for the report.



Select "And" to include only the users Above Unit 1, Above Unit 2 and the connected Units have in common. 

For example, User A belongs in Above Unit A, User B belongs in Above Unit B, User C belongs in Above Unit A and B. By selecting "And" only the users in common will populate, in this case User C.

Select "Or" to get all users who belong in the chosen filters.

You can also choose to "Group by" per one more type of Above Unit which groups your report's data based on above units of a specifc type, also related to your Unit. 







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