Who can share content with the corporate Library?

You can decide about the rules on who can share content within your corporate library and who has access to see content on your library from the Academy Settings. Simply, click on Admin from the upper navigation bar and select Academy Settings. In the panel that opens, select Advanced Settings

Under Academy Library you can separately set the rules about who can store content in the Shared Content category and who can read content from it. You can for example give permission only to Admins and Training Managers to store content but give all employees access to it. Content can be either files or web links.

You can read more on the available settings here: Content Library Academy Settings

Please note that you have the option to select if you want the content to need approval before being displayed in your library. To do so, you, as an admin, will need to enable the toggle next to the "Do you want the content to need approval before being displayed in your library?" option. Employees will still have the option to upload content, however, they will need the approval of an Admin/ Content manager in order for the uploaded content to be displayed in the corporate library.

  • Once an employee uploads content, the Admins, as well as the Content managers of the academy, are being informed that an employee has uploaded new content in the Academy library which is pending their approval to become public.
  • The Admin/ Content Manager has the option to approve (or not) the uploaded content. A new library category is available to them, with the name Items pending approval.


  • Once the Admin/ Content Manager approves the content, the content uploader receives an email notification informing him that the uploaded material was approved and is now live.

Please note: The email notifications mentioned above will be sent only if the Academy Admin has enabled them for the academy.


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