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How can I set up On The Job Training?

Sometimes training needs to take place in person. In Schoox, you can set up various events that need to be done in the presence of an instructor.  You are then able to verify the completion of the events, and keep track of them within Schoox, as you would normally do with any other training. In Schoox, we call this On the Job Training.


Setting Up an On the Job Training

To set up an On the Job Training Event, navigate to the appropriate course panel, and under On the Job Training tab of the left side menu, click Edit.

In the space provided, type in the name of this event, and click Add new on the job training.


You can control if trainees will be able to see their evaluation when complete, and if this on the job training is required to complete this course.

Please note:  Even if trainees cannot see their evaluation, they will be able to read any notes written by the instructor.

You can then add various tasks that need to be completed during this particular training, or specifics you need to check off the list before the event is considered complete.


Home Assignment Tasks

You can also set an On the Job Training task to be completed with a Home Assignment.


A Home Assignment task requires the trainees to accomplish some sort of homework, and then verify that they have completed the assignment by uploading an assignment document or file. After the upload, the task is considered complete; and the managers can download the assignments, review them, and rate them. For example, you can set a task “Describe the three most popular dishes in a paragraph of at least 100 words”. The employee can write the paragraph, and upload it as a .doc or .pdf to complete the task.


To add a Home Assignment task, just check the Home Assignment  box while editing the tasks of your OJT.




Each OJT task can be associated with a specific skill or set of skills. For each task, click the Skill icon, and choose the skills from the list provided. This allows you to use the results of this On the Job Training alongside skill management in your Academy.

You can then set the date for the training in the Date of attendance box.

Please Note: This date is only for reference, and will not be added to any calendar or precipitate any notifications.



When you're ready, don’t forget to make the training visible to employees.


Evaluation of an On the Job Training

If you have the permission to do so, you can evaluate an On the Job Training. Simply, navigate to the On the job training section of your employees dashboard by selecting Admin, Manage, or Reporting tab (depending on your role) from the upper navigation bar, and then Reporting. In the left side menu, select (Employees) Dashboard.



From the top panel click on On the Job Training and select the desired On the Job Training. In the employees list, click on the graph icon on the right. In the panel that opens you can check off completed tasks under Trainer, rate performance under Performance, or add any comments, if desired. The date will automatically be recorded. Under the Trainee category, you can download the file of a home assignment task.



Please note that a student has the opportunity to sign off completed tasks, as well.  

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