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How can I create a corporate curriculum?

To create corporate curricula you have to be an Admin or a Training Manager in an Academy.

If you have these rights, the procedure is quite easy. Hover over Training in your academy navigation bar, click on Curricula and then Create Curricula.

Once you click on the Create Curricula button, you will be directed to the Course Catalogue. To include courses in your new curriculum, drag and drop them into the Create Curriculum block at the bottom of the page. 


Click Save to go the panel where you can give the curriculum a name, description, learning goals and type. Curricula types are by default Multi - course, meaning that curricula includes a range of courses to which users are enrolled. You also have the option to select the Multi - language type if you have a course in different languages and you want the users to be able to choose. Then, select the Academy for which you are creating this curriculum (you may be authorized to create curriculula for more than one Academy). Save when finished.


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