How can I connect courses I create with the Academy?

 In schooX it is very easy to create online courses. For a comprehensive guide on how to create online courses please see "How can I create corporate online courses". Here we will show how you can connect a course you create with an Academy and make it a corporate course.

When you create a course the first step is to give basic info about your course (Title, Description, Category, etc). You can do this on the Edit Course Info page of the Course Administration Panel. The first time you fill in this form you have to decide about the ownership of the course. In Schoox you can create courses either as an individual member or as a member of an Academy if you have the authorization to do so. If you are authorized to create corporate courses for an Academy, this Academy will show up in the drop down menu "Ownership". This field is required and cannot be changed later. 

If you choose to connect a course with a corporate Academy the Academy will become the owner of the course and reserves all the rights. If you leave the Academy for any reason, the course will be disconnected from you as an instructor, and will be assigned to another corporate member of this Academy. 

If the corporate course is a paid course, you will be able to track it's financials, but schooX shares revenue with the Academy and not with the creator of the course (for more info about this please visit our Terms of Use page). 

Please Note: As an employee you can create corporate courses (e.g. create a course and connect it with your Corporate Academy) only if the Admin has given you this right. 



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