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Getting Started as an Admin

Step 1: Configure your Academy

Your Academy comes with a default configuration on user permissions, social features and modules. You can edit these settings incredibly easy in five simple steps in less than 2 minutes. This will also help you understand how your Academy works.

Start Configuration by clicking on Admin -> Academy Settings

Also, take the time to set up your academy's organizational structure. It takes some time, but will pay dividends later when tracking and assigning.

Step 2: Upload Content and Create a Course

Create your courses, and upload content into them.

Create courses by clicking on Tools -> Create Course

Step 3:Add or Import Users

Adding users is the most important step to go live with your Training Academy. On Schoox it is easy to either add or import users just by uploading an excel file. Let’s add users now!

Import Employees by clicking on Admin -> Adding Users and select to Invite or just Add Users from the corresponding tab.

Step 4: Assign your Course

You are now ready to assign your course to your team members! You will amazed on how easy you can assign a course to either individual members or group of members based on criteria like job, units, locations etc.

Assign courses by clicking on Tools -> Assigning Training

Step 5: Visit the Reporting Dashboard

Let’s see what your team members have done so far and how they performed! Your Academy has a very powerful reporting dashboard that allows you get reporting data instantly and easily without the need to create any report.

Track your Employees progress by clicking on Admin -> Reporting

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