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How can I assign jobs, roles, and locations to members of my Academy?

In your corporate Academy in Schoox you can assign the following:

  • Roles: Corporate Academies in Schoox have four predefined roles. Admins, Training Managers, Content Managers, and Professional Instructors. Roles are connected with certain privileges and permissions, determining what they can do in Schoox. Admins have full power over the Academy. They can do everything - Inviting new members, deleting existing members, adding jobs, creating courses and much more. Training Managers can create by default corporate courses and curriculums and assign them to employees. But the Admin can further customize those permissions. Content Managers have the ability to create and upload content within the learning structure determined by the Training Manager and Admin.  Professional Instructors can not only create corporate courses but also set a price. Please see the relevant topics for those roles (What is corporate Training Manager, What is a corporate Professional Instructor)
  • Jobs: On Schoox you are free to add as many jobs as you want. You can add jobs (e.g. Dishwasher, Server, Host, Line Cook, Bartender etc) and then assign jobs to employees. You can assign more than one job to an employee. There are two jobs (General Manager and Region Manager) that are fixed and cannot be deleted neither edited. Those two jobs give the assigned members the power to get reports for certain locations or regions. If you give a member the job of Region Manager they will become the Region Manager of the region he is assigned to. For example, if you add the role of Region Manager to a member that is assigned to region "Austin, TX" then he or she will be the Region Manager of Austin, TX and can see reports for all locations that belong to this region. Similar if you make a member a General Manager than they will become the General Manager of the location he or she is assigned to. Let's say for example that you make a member a General Manager and this member is assigned to the location EISENHOWER AVE in Austin, TX. This member will then be the General Manager of the store at this location and will be able to see reports for this store. 
  • Units and Above Units: When your academy's organizational structure is set up, both units and above units are defined.  Above units may be regions or states, franchizes or even specific people.  Units usually relate to locations or stores that are usually associated in some way to one or more Above Unit.  You can then arrange your organization in any way you need.  This will also help you filter reports and send out announcements more easily.  

1. Assigning Jobs

To add a job navigate to the Admin tab, select Members and click on Manage Members tab. Click Edit Job next to the desired name. Click the desired unit or above unit in the left column.  This will display the jobs associated with it.  Check any and all jobs that apply for this individual. Each adjustment is automatically saved. To remove jobs, just uncheck them.


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