How to Create an Academy Badge?

In Schoox you can create Badges based on the needs of your academy. Once created, Admins as well as Training Managers and users with Managerial jobs will be able to award it to members (based on the Advanced Settings of your academy).
But who can create an Academy Badge? Admins have by default the option to create badges. They have also the option to decide if Training Managers should be able to create badges (under Advanced Academy Settings). Moreover, they have the option to give this permission (Create Badge) to specific Managerial jobs (such as to Unit Managers).
In order to create a new Badge for your academy go to your Academy's Administration Panel, click on the Gamification tab and select Edit Badge from the left-side menu. Click on the Create Badge button at the top of the page.

Add a title for your badge, write a short description, upload an image and select a shape and/or icon for your badge.


Please note: Admins have an extra option available in order to make a badge awardable only by specific jobs.

Select the blue Save button at the bottom of the page to save your badge.
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