How can I filter content in my Library?

There are multiple filtering options that you can use when you are searching for a library item! 

1. Filter by type of Content (files, online videos, documents, etc)

Use the filter at the top titled All Resources. A list will appear allowing you to select the type of content you want to see.


Please find below the types supported for some of these filtering options:

  • Online Videos: 'mitworld','ted','youtube','vimeo','vidyard'
  • Online Documents: 'slideshare'
  • Online Articles: 'wikipedia'
  • Online Photos - Images: 'flickr'
  • All of the other websites (other than the previous ones) will be under the general category "Websites"
  • eLearning: 'training360', 'inkling', 'xyleme' (Note: this option will be available only for the academies that support the relevant integration).

2. Filter by tags

You can also filter content by tags. To do so just click on any tag, or type "tag:" into the search field, followed by a tag word.

3. Filter by Language

When accessing your Academy's Content Library, the content may already be filtered to show items of your preferred language, to show items of a specific language, or to show all items in all languages. This depends on how your Academy has set up your Academy! 

You have the ability to change the default filtering and filter your content items based on the language you want. Just click on the relevant filtering option and select one of the available languages.


Please note that the list of the available languages is based on the languages that are defined for all content items. That means that if none of the Library items have a defined language, the only option that you will be able to select will be "All languages".

Also note, that when selecting to filter by language on the Content Library page, only categories that contain items in this language will be displayed.

4.  Sort Columns

You are also able to sort the results based on your needs!


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