Inviting Others to Enroll In A Course

To invite people to enroll in your course go to the Course Panel, click on Students on the left navigation column, and click on Invite to Enroll.


In the window that opens, select an Individual invite or an Advanced invite.

The individual invite allows you to select your team members manually by clicking the appropriate “+” symbol.


The advanced invite option allows you to select a group of users based on their job and location. The number of users to be invited will appear as shown below:Advanced_1.png

You have the choice of either inviting users to enroll in this course this one time and/or setting up a rule that will automatically invite individuals under these parameters in the future.

Check the Automated invitation rule to turn this invitation into a rule for future academy members.

Check Exclude existing academy members if you ONLY want this to pertain to future academy members, as opposed to inviting it now.


Add a personal message if you want to and click Invite to Enroll (and Set Rule).

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