How can I Export My Employees' Progress - Basic Reporting

You are now able to create any report you’d like, set specific filters according to your needs and export your customized reports as Excel files.

The Basic Reporting provides very detailed data about your members' training performance. You are able to export many different types of reports such as Curricula Reports, Course Reports, Enrollments, Exams, Counts and many others.

You can get to the Basic Reporting options by navigating to the Admin tab from the upper navigation bar and selecting Reporting. From the left side menu select Basic Reporting.

You can filter you academy's members by Type, Above Unit and Unit, and export your custom reports.

You have to select first a Type, Above Unit or Unit from the drop down menus in order to be able to export any report.

  • Curricula reports

This report shows each employee in a unit’s status on a particular curriculum or in all curricula.

  • Course Reports

This report shows each employee in a unit’s status on a particular course or in all courses.

  • In - Class Training Report

This report shows the each employee in a unit's status on one, or all In-class training events.


  • Live Sessions Reports

This report shows each employee in a unit's status on one, or all Live Sessions events.


  • Enrollments

This report shows all course enrollments of a user.

  • Exams

This report shows stats per user and questions.


  • On the Job Training

This report shows On the Job Training stats per user.


  • Counts

This report shows all course or curricula enrollments and completions for all time or a date range.

  • Duration Reports

This report shows breakdown of how much time an employee spent on training for a certain month.

  • Due Date Reports

This report shows employees that missed their due date to complete a course or curriculum.

  • Exception Report

This report shows all users that have not completed required courses by store.

  • Members Report

This report shows data about the users' personal details, such as name, e-mail, username, etc.


  • Credits Report

This report shows the specific credits associated with a course category and a job


  • Compare Training

This report shows units' completion rate for each course, curriculum or exam.


  • Manual Assessments

This report shows either Multiple Assessments (assessments conducted over a period of time for a specific user) or Single Assessment (a specific assessment conducted at a specific date for a user).




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