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Basic Reporting: How Do I Schedule Emailed Reports?

Schoox provides you with powerful reporting within your academy, giving you the ability to track student progress in a number of ways.  You are now able to receive reports automatically via email, based on the specific parameters you set up.

The Schedule Report feature provides very detailed data about your members' training performance. The report types you are able to receive include the following: Curricula Reports, Course Reports, Enrollments, Exams, Counts, Duration Reports, Due Date Reports, Exception Reports, Compare Training and Manual Assessments.

To set up a scheduled report, click the Admin tab. Then under Reporting, select Schedule Reports.


First, using the drop-down menus under Select Unit, choose on whom you’d like to report.  Then, select the type of the report you'd like to receive. Then, finally determine how often you'd like to receive the report - monthly, weekly or daily.

When finished, click Schedule Report to make the report active.

Under My Scheduled Reports, you’ll find any current scheduled reports. 

To receive any report before its scheduled time, click Create Now to have it emailed to you immediately. To delete any scheduled report, click its x.

The Period of the Scheduled Report can be either Monthly, Weekly or Daily.
Monthly: You'll get every 1st of the month an email with the scheduled report of the previous month.

Weekly: You'll get every Monday an email with the scheduled report of the previous week.

Daily: You'll get every day an email with the scheduled report of the previous day.

Scheduled reports are being sent at 00:01 UTC.

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