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How can I purchase courses in Schoox to train employees?

The Schoox Marketplace allows you as an academy administrator to purchase professionally created courses to use within your academy.

To browse through the literally thousands of courses available in the marketplace, hover over Training in my academy’s navigation bar, and click Purchase Courses


You can search for specific keywords, and choose from the many predefined categories or subjects. Selecting a category will bring up the courses within that category. You can sort the courses by price or date added, and change the view to better suit your needs.

On the left, you can narrow your search further by selecting a subcategory, or filtering the list by price, language, compatibility, and content provider. The green number signifies how many courses pertain to each.


To learn more about and purchase a course, click its name. You can learn more about the instructor and associated academy by clicking their names, and get an idea of the topics of the course by perusing the lecture and exam list. 


To purchase a course for your academy, click Buy Now, then select Buy for your Academy. Select your academy, and then click Choose Learners

Here you can assign the academy members this course either individually, or in groups via chosen parameters - in very much the same way as assigning your own courses. Simply click the individual’s plus symbol to add them to the list. Or, under Advanced Purchases, set up rules defining who should be assigned this course.


Content providers can offer lifetime passes or subscription pricing structures.  They can also offer graduated costs, based on the amount purchased.  No matter what, as you add members, the price you owe appears in the box on the left.

When you are finished, click Select and Proceed to Checkout, and you will be lead through the checkout process. 

After checking out, the course will then appear in your academy, where you can track your members’ progress, as you would with one of your own courses.  However, unlike your own courses, you are not able to manipulate any content within any purchased course. You can always assign more members by revisiting the marketplace, and repeating the process.

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