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How Do I Create an In-Class Training or Live Sessions Event?

In Schoox, you can set up various events, that can be either in-class or virtual. "In-Class Training" events are taking place in a physical location, whereas "Live Sessions" events take place virtually - connecting Schoox with your GoToTraining account.  

Either way, academy members will be notified of the event, be able to RSVP as well as get a link to the map of the location if available. 

Events can be created as Standalone Event, Course Event, or Curriculum Event.


1. Create an event

To set up an Event, hover over Training in my academy’s navigation bar, and click Events



To create an event click on the big Create Event button and select either Create In-Class Training or Create Live Session Training.

*Please note that you can't create same-day Live Sessions.


On the next page, fill in the following fields: "Title", "Description", "Category", "External Instructors", "Add Academy Instructors".

You can then select an "Invitation based" or a "Registration based" event. 

Note: Events are created as private by default. After the creation of your event you need to make sure you make it public if you wish to have it visible to the whole academy. 


*Only admins and training managers with the right to edit events, can make an event private or public. 

*A public event will be be visible to the academy, or to a particular group of people when added in a category with enabled access permissions.

2. Select how users will register for your event

Invitation Based Events

Invitation based events are private events for which users need an invitation to join. Admins can invite users, who after receiving a notification, need to claim whether they will attend or not. Admins can't register the employees themselves, but only invite them.




*Please note that invitation based events don't count in the course completion. Thus, if you want to create an invitation based event, it will be a Standalone one.


Registration based events 

Registration based events are open to all users. Users can track the events in their academy, and Register to join.



After that, the admin needs to approve the requests for attendance. To approve participants' requests, select Manage Events, and then under a specific event Registrants.




Under Approved, select your desired option from the drop - down menu.





Auto - approved Registration Based Events

Registration events can be "Auto approved". If this option is checked, instructors cannot manually register users. Registrants will automatically be registered up to the maximum allowed.

Please note that auto approved registration events have a number of attendees limit. In Live Sessions, this limit is defined by the type of your GoToTraining account. In in - class training events, the admin sets the maximum number allowed.



When the maximum number of attendees is reached, users have the option to reserve a seat and be put on the waiting list.


This means that if someone cancels a registration, or if an admin increases the allowed number of attendees, the first ones who have reserved a seat in the waiting list will be automatically registered in the event.

You can also check all users that have applied for an event and are waiting for the approval on the waiting list, as well as approve their applications. In order to check the waiting list, please, open your Admin Panel, and then proceed to "In-Class Training" > "Waiting List". There, you will be able to choose a specific event and approve every user’s application separately.


The indication "waiting" in the Registrants list of your event, will help you distinguish the ones who have reserved a seat.



3. Set the time and date of your event

Under Schedule agenda, you can set the event's timeline. Set up the day’s topic, and add segments or extra days as needed.

In registration based events (both autoapproved and non - autoapproved) you have the option to control the time period for which registration will be open. Scroll down in the Edit Event panel and set the desired deadline. 


Multiple Offers of An Event

You can create a recurring event by setting multiple offers of this event during the editing process. 

It's possible to create multiple offers of an event, by clicking the Repeat Event option. Events can recur on "Every Day", "Every Week", "Every Month", "Every Year" or "Custom". You can set the last date if registrants can attend multiple offerings.

When finished, click Save

*Please note that the Repeat Event function is available only while creating an event. You can't set up multiple offers for an event which is already saved.

4. Notify your Employees

After your event is created, you will be redirected to the event’s page. There you are able to modify your event. Optionally, you can notify the users by using either Individual Notification or Advanced Notification. This work in very much the same way as assigning coursework.


5. Manage your events

As an admin, you can manage your events by clicking Admin in your Academy's navigation bar. Then in the side menu select either In-Class Training or Live Sessions; then Manage Events.

Among others, you can edit, preview or copy events, notify users, upload photo for your event or connect it to your org. structure.  For events with multiple offers the tab Multiple Offer is also available.  




You also have the option to Archive events. 

(Please note that for bundle events, if you archive the master event all offers are archived as well)




You also can get a list with the participants' RSVPs by clicking Registrants associated with the event. For in- class events participants can be marked as "Attended" or "Absent". 

For Live Session events, you can track the time that the participants spent on the event.







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