How to view or follow a career path?

In Schoox you are able, if set up for you in your academy, to follow specific career paths. Your career path will guide you through the process to learn how to expand your skills for this path.


To discover career opportunities, and start down a career path, hover over Training in the upper navigation bar, and click Career Paths.

Here you'll find any career paths you follow according to your job description, career paths you’ve already set up for yourself, as well as opportunities for you.


Under Personalized Learning Paths you can see your Skill Strength for your jobs and your skill stats as they relate to the specific career path. Your average score reflects both the Manual assessments you get from your  managers, and the Automated assessments you get automatically from the courses you have completed and are part of this particular career path. You can see more detail by clicking View Path.

Here you will see the courses you need to take in this career path.  Clicking Show Details breaks down the overview into its specific skill statistics

To add a new career path,click Add Career Path.


You can select the job from all available to you in this drop-down list, here.  

When you click Preview Path, you can see suggested courses that will provide the skills you need for this particular job.

If you click Follow Path, you will follow this path and it will be displayed under Personalized Learning Paths section.


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