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Self-assessments and Perception Gap


As an admin you can enable self-assessment for your end users. To do so, you would need to visit your academy settings page (Academy Settings - Advanced settings) and turn on the “Performance Management” setting as showed in the image below.


The admin can also set how many times per month an employee can provide self-assessments on each skill.


Regular Users

Once the setting is set to "On", user will be able to go to their profile and assess any of the skills associated with their job or any of the skills available in the academy. They can provide a new assessment or update an existing one.




Manager can manually assess the employees they want for all the skills associated with their job or on separate skills.




Once the employee and the manager have both provided assessment, the perception gap can show the differences for all or selected employees, for employees in specific jobs or for the employees that have a particular manager.

The perception gap can be accessed from the admin left panel. It is located in the Skills Management tab.







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