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How to Manage BizLibrary Categories?

If you have purchased the BizLibrary collection for your academy you have the option of managing them from the Admin panel.
Go to the top menu and click the "Admin" tab. In the left panel select "Online Training" tab and then the "Categorize Purchased Courses" sub tab.
In the new page you will see the subscription package that you have purchased as presented below:
You can select to have the BizLibrary Courses presented to the users who have been allocated a license or hide them from all users so that they can see only the BizLibrary courses assigned to them.
You can also click the "Select" button and in the new page set the academy's category where you want specific course to be listed. We are given the option to set category for single courses.
You can also select the courses you want and set the same category for the selected ones as you can see below:
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