How can I give credit for external training?

To keep track of training that takes place outside Schoox, you need to set your credits as "uploadable" and allow users to claim that they have acquired certain credits outside Schoox. 

1. Setting up your credits as uploadable

To set up your credits as uploadable, navigate to your Admin panel and select Credits > Create Types from the left side menu. 

Choose the type of credit you prefer to edit. Under Uploadable, select Yes. 


2. Create Rules

After creating the types, select Create Rules from the same panel. Select the Type, the related job and specify the number of needed credits. If you want to add a rule for optional credits , just select No in the Required Credits field. You can also select the courses' category, which implies that credits will be acquired only from courses that belong in this particular category. Click on  Add New Rule to finish.


Please note that you have the option to recalculate the credits for employees that had completed their training prior to the rule set up. Simply click on the button Recalc. However, the credits and completions that will show up in the Credits Dashboard, will be only those that occurred in the defined time frame.

Note: When you select Recalc, no credits will be acquired if there aren't any course completions within the specific time frame you've defined.


What the end user sees

Employees and trainees can claim that they have acquired certain credits (from the existing academy credit types) from external training in their personal portfolio.  To do so, they need to nagivate to the Credits tab of the ePortfolio (Me > ePortfolio).


The process is quite simple and requires from the user to:

1. Add the number of credits, by selecting the type of credit from the dropdown list

2. Insert the number of credits in the "Credits" field.

3. Insert the date of certification/training.

4. Provide the name of training

5. Upload a document of certification by selecting the "Upload" button. (optionally).

6. Save


The approval process

Once the user provides all the necessary information, you need to approve or decline these credits. 

Select Credits>Pending Requests>Accept or Decline 


 You can always revoke these credits from the user. 


*Please note that Revoke is not available when you Decline the credits.

These credits will appear in the Credits Dashboard.

Moreover, the user will be able to see the number of credits that he/she received as well as download the certificate, by clicking on Me, My Certificates. The external certificates will appear under the External Certifications tab.


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