Basic Reporting: How to Schedule Reports for Others?

Users with reporting permission enabled can now schedule a report to be delivered to others in the organization. If admin all academy members(who have the reporting permission enabled) are available as report recipients whereas if unit manager only members of the same organizational structure are available as report recipients.

In order to schedule reports for others navigate to the Reporting tab and then to Schedule Report where you can find the following options:

Create Report – For me OR For others




Once you choose ‘For others’, you will need to apply the desired org structure filters, select the report type and you will have the opportunity to select the recipients.



You can either select recipients individually or use the choose selection criteria from the Advanced selection tab and limit the recipient list.



Choose ‘Select’ to save your recipients and “Back to Report List” to exit the selection process.


Your report is now scheduled!


You can edit or remove the Report form the “Scheduled for Others” tab. The “Create Now” button will immediately create the report and notify the recipients when the report is ready.


The Period of the Scheduled Report can be either Monthly, Weekly or Daily.
Monthly: You'll get every 1st of the month an email with the scheduled report of the previous month.

Weekly: You'll get every Monday an email with the scheduled report of the previous week.

Daily: You'll get every day an email with the scheduled report of the previous day.

Scheduled reports are being sent at 00:01 UTC.

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