Knowledge profile

To enable the Knowlege Profile. You need to go to your Advanced Academy settings. Scroll down to Social Collaboration Module and within that setting select Social Activities Settings. Make sure the Member Setting "Show Knowledge profile on member's profile" is enabled.


Then each member will have their own Knowledge profile under Accomplishments as shown in the image below:



The 4 graphics shown in the Knowledge Profile, are highly associated with the course categories that a member attends and the Leaderboard settings. Let's take a closer look to each graph:

Learning Focus

This graph shows information based on the courses that the member has enrolled or completed, grouped by their related subject area.

Profile Graph

This graph contains the 5 roles that exist in Schoox, and based on the credits a user gains for several activities or achievements (Leaderboard settings) it shows the associated relation. For example, in the image above, the user has some credits earned as an Instructor, as a Collector and as a Discoverer. Each role gains credits based on specific actions:

• Instructor (creating a course, responding to questions & extra credits according to: number of lectures, type of lectures, length of lectures, description, image, tags)
• Learner (attending a course, taking exam, participating in discussion boards)
• Reviewer (rating courses/content, writing reviews)
• Discoverer (sharing content)
• Collector (saves training elements)

Course subjects and Structure

This graph represents all the course subjects that exist in the academy and that the member is enrolled in at least one course. It also shows on how many courses of each course subject the member is enrolled. Please note that the might academy has more course subjects that they are not shown in that graph, just because the user is not enrolled in any of their course.


Social Graph

This is a graph for the friends that the member has inside the academy and the percentage of them that are enrolled to each course subject.


Please note:

The knowledge profile shows data per Academy. For example, as a member of an academy, if I go to Me - My Profile - Accomplishments - Knowledge Profile, I will not see the same information as if I go to MySchoox environment.

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