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How to manage goals for my organization?

An embedded communication tool for collaboration is now available, giving you the ability to set organizational and employees (personal) goals around pillars.

Managers with the Create & Assign Goal permission enabled are now able to create and assign organizational or employees goals to the members of their academy in order to achieve the target goals they have set for their organization. They are able to cascade organizational goals based on hierarchy and have an overview of goals progress at a glance.

You can get to the Goals Management options by navigating to the Academy Control Panel and selecting Goals Management.

Please note that this feature will be available for your academy only if the admin has activated the relevant Advanced Academy setting.

1. How to set up Pillars and Areas

You, as an Admin, can set up Pillars (fundamental categories of goals) and Areas (pillars subcategories) for your business. For example, "Business sustainability" could be a Pillar, whereas "Upselling" could be its Area respectively. Please note that this option (setting up pillars and areas) is not available for users with non-admin rights.

In order to add a new pillar or edit an existing one, select Edit Pillars & Areas from the left side menu. 

You can add a new Pillar, simply by typing its title and clicking Add.

Click on the added Pillar in order to set its Areas. You can also delete your pillar/area or edit the title of it by clicking on the relevant icon.

2. How to create a goal

Once the admin has set up the pillars and the associated areas for the organization, users with the Create & Assign Goal permission enabled are now able to create either organizational or employees goals.

Organizational goals: They can be set up at any level and org node within the org structure and cascade down based on the hierarchy. The job/person in charge will be responsible for the goal and can either assign sub-goals to lower levels or invite them to contribute.

Employees goals: People can create personal goals for themselves or their employees (if managers). Practically, these are goals that one single person has to accomplish. Please note that people with non-managerial jobs can also create employees goals (personal goals) if the relevant setting is enabled for the organization (Academy Settings).

In order to create and manage organizational or employees goals, select the relevant option from the left side menu.

2.1. How to create organizational goals

Choose the desired pillar and area to see your associated organizational and employees goals. Here, you can have a complete overview of the goals of your direct (Above) Unit, of the underneath (Above) Units and the goals of Employees that belong to your (Above) Unit. You can use the drop-down filter menu in order to filter your goals based on predefined criteria, such as "Upper-level goals".

- Click on the Create Goal button in order to create a new goal for your direct (Above) Unit around the selected pillar and area. 

- Click on the Assign Goal button in order to create a new goal (around the selected pillar and area) either for the employees that belong to your (Above) Unit or for your underneath (Above) Unit.

Once you have filled in the basic information of your goal (such as title and description), you can set a target date to define the date that you want the goal to be achieved. Moreover, you can have a metric (e.g. growth rate, new customers etc.) and a target value (e.g. growth rate=30%, new customers=500 etc.). Attach a file if you need to and click Save to save your goal.

You can also invite teams from one level below to contribute to an organizational goal. To do so, click on the created goal and select Invite. Choose the (Above) Units or individuals that you want to invite and click on the Invite to contribute! button to send them an invitation.

2.2. How to create employees goals

At first, choose the desired pillar and area. You can then find the employee that you want to assign a goal to, using the search field and/or the drop-down filter menus.

Click on the name of the user that you want to assign a personal goal to and then click on the Create Goal button and fill in the basic information of the goal. If this goals is contributing to another organizational goal, select the organizational goal that it is connected to.

Attach a file if you need to and click Save to save your goal.

Please also note:

  • In order to be able to create and assign goals it is a prerequisite that both you and the assignees have a job assigned.
  • Once a goal is being saved, the involved employees get an email and an in-app notification.
  • Users that have a common goal assigned, have also the option to use a chat box in order to communicate with each other, simply by clicking on the common goal.
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