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How to create and track my personal goals?

An embedded communication tool for collaboration is now available, giving you the ability to set your personal goals around pillars that your organization has already defined.

Please note that you, as a regular employee, will be able to create your own, personal goals only if the admin of your academy has the relevant setting enabled.

1. How to create a personal goal

Select Me and then My Dashboard from the upper navigation menu. 

To create a new personal goal, simply navigate to your personal dashboard, by selecting Me and then My Dashboard from the upper navigation menu. Under Goals, select one of the available filtering options and click on the blue Create Goal button.


Once you have filled in the basic information of your goal (such as title and description), you can set a target date to define the date that you want the goal to be achieved. Moreover, you can have a metric (e.g. growth rate, new customers etc.) and a target value (e.g. growth rate=30%, new customers=500 etc.). Attach a file if you need to and click Save to save your goal. 


2. How can I have an overview of my goals

All users are able to have an overview of their organizational or personal goals through the new personal performance dashboard by clicking on Me and then My Dashboard from the upper navigation menu.


(For more information about how to track your progress through your personal performance dashboard, please read also: How To Track My Progress - Personal Performance Dashboard

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