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What settings of my curriculum can I control?

Once you have selected the courses for your curriculum (read also: How Can I Create A Corporate Curriculum?, you have access to your Curriculum Settings through the Curriculum panel of created Curriculum.

Simply select Training > Curricula from the upper navigation bar and then click on the Manage Curriculum field of your Curriculum.curricula_manage.PNG

In the left side menu you can see all of the available settings that you can edit.curriculum_panel.PNG

Some of the options that you have are the following:

  • Edit your Curriculum image and info (e.g. title, description).
  • Edit, add or change the order of your courses in your curriculum.
  • Set up a specific number of days (relevant to the users’ enrollment in the curriculum) after which each course will be available. (read also: How To Use The Curriculum Scheduler?
  • Add extra instructors for this curriculum, giving them the relevant permissions regarding this curriculum (read also: Permissions for each role)
  • Invite members to enroll to your Curriculum and check the status of this invitations (e.g. pending).
  • Create In-Class Trainings and Live Sessions, related with this Curriculum.
  • Add a badge which employees will be awarded automatically when completing the curriculum.
  • Track your employees progress on the Curriculum using the Curriculum Dashboard.
  • Assign (or Unassign) your Curriculum to your Employees.
  • Send Announcements to employees about this Curriculum.
  • Copy or Delete your created Curriculum.


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