SCORM files guide

Schoox gives you a high degree of freedom on how to create a course. You can add lectures by uploading your own files, such as SCORM files. Schoox is compatible with multiple versions of SCORM files such as:

  • SCORM 1.2,
  • SCORM 2004 (multiple editions), 
  • AICC files,
  • xAPI and
  • cmi5.

In order to publish your training, firstly you have to prepare your Course/Scorm containing slides, video, content, quizzes, etc. There are multiple settings for each authoring tool that can be used while publishing your course. You can either access our step-to-step guides on how to publish your scorm files or contact the Schoox support team to provide you additional information and troubleshoot any possible issue that may come up while on SCORM files published with:

Our support team is able to provide you the needed guidance on a daily basis. Please feel free to contact us to investigate and troubleshoot your issues. Providing us with the information mentioned below, we would be able to resolve your issue in a minimum of time.

  • An extended description of the issue you are experiencing,
  • The user(s) on which this issue occurred,
  • The device in which the training had been accessed
    • A personal computer with a web browser. In that case please provide us the name of the web browser and its version.
    • A mobile device. In that case, please clarify if the training was accessed with a mobile browser, or within the Schoox App (IOS or Android), and the version of each App (either Schoox App or mobile browser App).
  • The authoring tool with which the scorm file has been published.

Due to the wide variety of authoring tools and settings used on each published file, our team examines and applies different sets of settings to resolve each case. The troubleshooting period may vary depending on the case, the authoring tool, and the information provided to our team while contacting us. Here is a list of 8 common tech support issues that could occur while using Schoox:

  • Not saving user’s progress,
  • Time tracking,
  • Completion tracking,
  • Exams score,
  • Blank screen,
  • Browser compatibility,
  • Re-publishing corrupted SCORM file(s), and
  • Not supported SCORM file(s) or network issue.
    • In this case, you will receive the error message below. Please try again to upload your file, to ensure if this issue is related to a network delay or to the SCORM file itself. If the issue is replicated again, please contact our team and provide us the "Reference ID" number which is available in the last line of the error message. 

If you have any additional inquiries on setting up your SCORM courses or face or any other SCORM-related issues, please contact

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