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Is there a limit as to how many offers can be created per event-bundle?

Yes, there is a 240 limit for event-bundles. 
That means that, at this time, you cannot have more than 240 offers per event-bundle.
But what happens if this limit has been reached for one of your events?
Alternative Solution #1:
You can archive the offers that were completed! Archiving will reduce the bundle count and hence, you will be able to add extra offers to your event. 
As an example, if you have reached the limit of 240 event offers and then archive 10 event offers, you will then be able to add 10 more offers to the event. 
Please note that the user's record (Employees' Dashboard) will not be affected. 
Alternative Solution #2:
Create a Stand-alone/Course connected event bundle every year/ every two years/ etc.
As an example, if the offers of your event per year are up to 48, you could create a 5-year Stand-alone/Course connected event.
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