How can I connect my Personal Schoox account with my Zoom webinars account?

Zoom accounts can be connected with personal Schoox profiles. Thus, managers can use their own personal Zoom accounts to create and initiate Live Sessions in the Academy.

Connect your Zoom account with your personal profile

Simply hover over the Me tab from the upper navigation menu and click on the My Settings option.


Click on the Zoom integrations option, under Integrations from the left side menu and hit Personal Integration Zoom webinar.


Fill in the capacity (Users limit) and click on blue Connect button.


*Note: If you have an up to 25 users Zoom account, for example, you won’t be able to invite more than 25 users for your event.

You will be redirected to Zoom and you will need to enter your zoom credentials in the panel that opens.


Please note that if it is the first time that your account is connected with Schoox, you will need to allow Schoox to access your Zoom account.


Your zoom account is now successfully connected with your personal Schoox account.




What’s next?

After creating your Live Session, you need to initiate your event with your Zoom account. To do so, navigate to your Administration panel, and under Live Sessions select Manage Events.


Under Status, you can see your upcoming events. Click on the Initiate event button, select the account that you want to use for your event (in the pop-up window that arises) and hit Initiate.


 *Please note that you have the option to cancel the initiation of an event that was done in error.

Once you initiate the event, the Zoom meeting ID will be displayed on the event card for the users relevant to the event.


You are now ready to Start your event! Just click on the relevant button and you will be redirected to your Zoom account.

Please keep in mind that neither the user who will start the event nor the attendees will be asked to use the password defined during the initiation. The password will be part of the link that the users will use and each user that will hit the "Join" now button will automatically use this password in order to join the session.


Please note that the events that you create in Schoox are automatically created on your Zoom webinars account and all of the users that have been added as registrants for your events, will be automatically synced in Zoom. Once the event has been completed, all of the data regarding the attendance (attended/not attended) and the time of attendance will be returned (from Zoom) to Schoox and the list of registrants for the event in question will be properly updated.



Note:  If you're using your personal Zoom account (an account that you set up yourself), you should have those permissions enabled already, but if you're using a sub-account (meaning that someone else set it up for you), your IT team (or, the team that set up your sub-account) would need to enable those permissions for you.


Disconnect your Zoom account from your personal profile

If you want to disconnect you Zoom webinars account from your personal Schoox profile, simply hover over the Me tab from the upper navigation menu and click on the My Settings option.


From the left side menu, under Integrations, select Zoom webinar and hit Disconnect.



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