Can I add/change a due date for a course?

You, as an Admin, have the option to add, assign, or change course due dates. Adjust course due dates for a previously assigned course, change a currently assigned course due date, or completely remove a previously assigned due date.

To do so, hover over the Admin/Manage tab and click on the Reporting option. Find the user whose due date you want to change and click on his/her name.


Find the course in question and click on the wrench icon next to the progress bar. Add, change or remove the due date and click on the Save button once finished.


The due date field will be updated upon your next refresh!


Mass Update

If you are an Admin or a Training Manager (if your Admin has allowed you to assign training) you have also the option to update the due dates for multiple users in mass if you want to! To do so head back to the Assign Training page, from your Administration panel, select the Courses tab and click on the Download Template button to download the template. You can read more on the process here: How can I assign training from the Assign Training page?



  • Due dates should be only future dates
  • You only have the option to add/edit the due date for a course that has been assigned. If a user has self-enrolled in the course, the relevant field will be disabled. 
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