What information can I find on the Credits Dashboard?

You can specify types of credits, and associate them with a course, or a job, in a way that someone would know that a number of specific course credits should be acquired within a period of 6 months or a year. Credit Types work as specialization titles, reflecting the level of knowledge of the employees and the focus of their training.

The number of credits earned can be tracked by the Credits Dashboard. To find the Credits Dashboard click Admin, select Reporting from the left menu, and then click Credits Dashboard.

You can search for a specific credit type or filter the credits by organizational criteria or period of acquisition you need to check (Current Period - All-Time). 

Each row of the Credits Dashboard corresponds to a Credit Requirement Rule. You can see all the information regarding each rule such as:

1) The Job Type it's related to and the Course Categories related to this rule's subject.
2) Which Above Units are related to this rule
3) How many credits are required from each user meeting the criteria 
4) The period for which you need to check the data (Current Period or All time)
5) The completion rate (for the period selected)


If you click on Details, you will be able to see the users that are required to gather the relevant credits. Also, you are able to see the number of credits they have acquired, and their completion rate for the period that you selected above.


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