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How to set a price to a course?

If you are a creator of a course or an administrator of an Academy you can set a price for your course.

To do so, select Training All Courses and find the Course in question. Click on the Manage Course option and select Edit Price. 


Here, you can set the price of the course, the currency, as well as its type of delivery; License Based or Subscription Based.


  • Select if you want the users to have access for a lifetime (License Based) or if you want them to be automatically charged after a specific period (Subscription based).
  • Admins have the option to set a price for the course in a different currency.
  • Select if you want to apply Tier Pricing in order to make a discount in case an employee purchases multiple licenses/ subscriptions.
  • Regarding the subscription-based courses, please note that the automated renewal is not mandatory for users at the end of each period. You have the option to define whether the subscription plan would be auto-renewed permanently or to add a number of total billing cycles (i.e., after three renewals the subscription should stop). edit_price_3.png
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