Adding Performance Metrics to Your Academy

Once you, an academy Admin, have enabled the Performance Metrics feature for your academy, you are ready to find and add the desired academy metrics! The metrics that you will add will be the ones that will be assessed on each user. So, you need to determine which metrics are relevant to your Academy.

To do so, just click on the Admin tab, select the Performance Metrics tab from your Administration panel and click on Edit and Add Metrics.


Schoox provides you with several common metrics you can use for your academy! It’s like having a database of metrics available! The metrics provided are of the default Skill Type. To see all of the available system-defined metrics just click on the Add from Database button.


A list of metrics will appear and you can filter the results based on the Industry you are interested in, the Tier, and the Metrics Category.


If you want to add one of the system-defined metrics to your academy, select its type (if any) and click on the +Add button next to the metric title. If you don't see a metric you'd like to use you can add your own, custom metrics! To do so, type the metric title into the field on the top of the list and click Add.


Once the metrics have been added to your academy, you can edit them based on your needs! Just click on the edit icon next to the relevant metric title!


From this page, you have the option to edit the selected metric along with the description per proficiency level (if you have enabled the proficiency levels for your academy). Moreover, you can select a language for each of your academy Metrics.

Please note: The languages available here are the UI languages you have selected in your Academy's settings. Each user will see the metrics titles and descriptions that are saved for their UI language.


Don’t forget to Save your changes when finished!

Once you have added all the appropriate metrics you can put them into groups for easy distribution by clicking Group Metrics.


To add a group, name a new group, and click Add New. To add metrics to a Group click on the arrow next to the group.


In the column on the right, there are all the metrics that are associated with your Academy. To add metrics to a Group click the plus symbol. You can remove any metric by clicking its "x".


The next step is associating these metrics and metric groups with specific jobs and courses!

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