Can I unassign a user from a curriculum that was assigned through an automated assignment rule?

Sure! If you are an Admin you have the option to unassign users from curricula, even if they match the criteria of an automated rule. The users will be excluded from the rule and the curricula will not be assigned to them in the future via a rule.

The same option is also available for Training Managers who have the following permissions enabled:

  • assign Academy Curricula to employees
  • mark Academy Curricula as Completed By Admin

In order to unassign a user from a curriculumthat was assigned to him/her via a rule, simply navigate to your admin panel by selecting Admin from the upper navigation bar. From the left side menu, under Reporting, select Employees Dashboard.


Click on the name of the desired user, find the curriculum that you want to unassign and click on the wrench icon. There are two options available:

  • Unassign: The regular process, identical to the individual unassignment
  • "Exclude from assignment rules" checkbox & Unassign: The user will be unassigned from this curriculum even if he/she matches the rule- criteria.

Don't forget to click Save once finished!


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