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How can I copy a Curriculum?

In Schoox, sometimes, you need to copy a curriculum. Here is how you can easily do so!

Please note: This functionality is available only for users with Admin rights, Curriculum Instructors and Training Managers with the relevant permission enabled (Advanced Academy Settings- Academy Curricula - Who can Create Academy Curricula).

Locate the curriculum you need to copy under “Training” tab in the navigation bar.


Under the curriculum name, click on “Manage curriculum” field.


In the curriculum panel on the left, click on "Copy Curriculum".


You can also decide what elements you need to copy after you click on “Copy Copy Curriculum”:



The elements that you can copy are following ones:

  • Curriculum image
  • Badge
  • Courses
  • Polls

You have also the option to decide if you want to c

The process will be completed in the background and after a few seconds you will be able to able to find the new curriculum after Curricula listing!

Please note that copied curricula will be set as private by default and they will be added under the "Without Category". Feel free to adjust the curriculum settings if needed!


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