How can I set a specific order to my categories?

As an Admin, you have the option to list your categories in the order you want them displayed. You can order not only Training Categories but also, Content and Group Categories. To do so, click on Admin, select Online Training from the left panel and then click on Categories Listing.


At the top of the page, you can select which Categories you want to order:
1) Training Categories (Courses and Curricula) 
2) Library Categories
3) Group Categories

To put the selected categories in order, simply give each category a number. For the categories that you need to display higher, add a bigger priority number while for the least important ones, add a smaller number. The categories that don’t have a priority number set, will continue being displayed in alphabetical order.

For example, a category with a priority number 100, will be displayed higher than the category with priority number 99.

Do not forget to click Save when finished. 

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