What settings of my Academy can I control?

As an Admin, you have access to your Academy Settings through the Admin panel of your Academy. Simply select Admin from the upper navigation bar and then Academy Settings

Your Academy's settings are sorted in Alphabetical Order, so you will be able to find what you are looking for, quickly. Moreover, there is a search bar you can use to find the needed setting. More information on each setting is provided in the articles provided below. 


Please find below each settings' category along with the relevant settings. Have you found the setting for which you want to learn some more information? Click on the related link and you will be redirected to the respective how-to article!

Learning Management
Compliance Management Module
Internal/External Training Credits
On The Job Training
Onboarding Module
Training Assignment Rules

Limit Access

Read more: Learning Management Settings

ILT Module
Live Sessions Integration

Read more: Events Academy Settings

Content Management Module

Read more: Content Library Academy Settings

Basic Reporting Module
User's Dashboard
Visibility Rules for Courses and Curricula in Reporting

Read more: Reporting Academy Settings

Auto Deactivation of Users
Custom Attributes
Member Settings
Mobile access
Organizational Structure
Schoox Open Community
Toolbar Configuration
Who can invite members

Read more: Members Academy Settings

Talent Modules
Adaptive Learning
Performance Modules

Read more: Talent Modules Academy Settings

Additional Modules 
Business Impact Module
Gamification Module
Integration with Google Analytics
Integration with Social Networks
Social Collaboration Module

Read more: Additional Modules Academy Settings

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