How to set up an activity-based Onboarding Plan

An Activity-Based Onboarding Plan will allow you to automatically assign our users through the onboarding process after they have completed the previous course/curriculum. The training is set up in levels: once the user completes the training in the previous level, they are automatically assigned the training of the next level.

Let's check how to set up the flow in more detail!

Creating levels

Once you are in the profile that you want to set up the flow for, just click on the Open arrow to start planning the training. Below the time-based plan, you will see the Activity-based flow, ready to be planned.

By clicking, the Add button below you will add a first-level Activity. Once you add your first-level activity, then you will be able to add a second-level Activity by clicking the Add button next to the first-level Activity. Following this pattern, you will be able to add multiple levels of Activities to your plan! You can also have multiple sequences, starting from different Activities, and with a different number of levels!


All first-level activities will be assigned to the user once they join the Onboarding plan. From then on, the next levels will be assigned based on their completions. 

Adding Activities

Now let's check how to Add Activities to your levels! 

Once you click the Add button you will be presented with two options: Add Course or Add Curriculum. Click on either option based on the type of training you want to add to your plan.


Once you do, two options are displayed for you: to Assign the course/curriculum or Invite users to Enroll. Select the option that better fits tour needs, and then select the course/curriculum from the list that will populate below. 


Don't forget to click Save when finished! 

Once you add an Activity, you have the option to remove it by clicking the Delete button.
Please note that by clicking the Delete button on an upper-level Activity, you will also delete the Activities on all levels below. 


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