Events Academy Settings

As an Admin, you can adjust the following Event Academy Settings:


Here you can modify the settings of your Events. 

A) Who can create Events for your Online Academy. 

B) Who can invite/register members to Academy Events.

C) Who can edit the Events of your Online Academy. 

D) Who can manage Event Members: Users with this permission will be able to edit the attendance data of the registrants.


E) Other Settings

  • Google maps dependency: This option is used only for In-class Trainings. If you enable this option the address will be populated by Google Maps when filling in the location field on the Create Event page. In this case, you will only be able to add addresses that are available from Google. 

F) Filtering and Sorting Options

Last but not least, you can decide what will be the default sorting and filtering options at course listings.


ILT Module

You have the option to enable/disable the In-class training/ Live sessions functionality for your academy. If this option is turned to "No", the In-Class Training/ Live Sessions will completely disappear from your Administration panel, Reporting Dashboard, etc.


  • By disabling this setting, all of the already created events will be marked as archived. In cases of course-connected events, this action will affect the relevant course progress (in case that the "counts for course completion" setting was checked)
  • You can change this setting only once within a 24-hour timeframe. Depending on prior usage of this module heavy recalculations may be conducted to reflect updated progress.


Here you also have the option to create an event template, meaning that you are able to set the default values displayed when someone creates an event. This option is available for both Live/In-Class events and for all types of events: Standalone/Course/Curriculum. 

Live Sessions Integration

Connect your Academy with your GoToTraining/ Zoom/Webex account and create live sessions.

A) Integration with LogMeIn - GoToTraining

You can read more on how to connect your GoToTraining account to your academy here: How Can I Connect my Academy with my GoToTraining Account?


B) Integration with Zoom

You can connect your Academy with either your Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars account. 

Read more on how to connect your Academy to your Zoom account here:

For the Zoom accounts you have connected to your Academy, you also have the option to select if you only want them to be used by Admins.


C) Integration with Cisco - Webex

You can read more on how to connect your Webex account to your academy here: How Can I Connect my Webex Account?

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