Reporting Academy Settings

As an Admin, you can adjust the following Reporting Academy Settings:

Basic Reporting Module

This setting allows you to select if you want the Basic Reporting feature for your academy. When turned off, users won't be able to export by navigating to the Basic Reporting. They will continue to be able to use Report Builder to export or schedule reports for themselves or for others. Please note that the setting is turned on by default.


User's Dashboard

You have the option to select which information should be available to the personal, user's dashboard.Screenshot_7.png

Based on the settings applied, end-users will be able to see the respective tabs when accessing their Personal Dashboard (My Dashboard tab).

You can read more on the My Dashboard functionality here: How do I track my progress - Personal Dashboard


  • You will be able to activate the "Career Paths" and "Alternative jobs to consider" blocks only if the "Adaptive Learning - Career Paths" option is turned to "Yes".
  • You will be able to activate the "Perception Gap" block only if the "Adaptive Learning - Career Paths" option is turned to "Yes" and the Self-assessment option is enabled
  • You will be able to activate the first two options only if the "Performance Module" is turned to "Yes".

Visibility Rules for Courses and Curricula in Reporting

You, as an Admin, have now the option to apply a setting regarding the view access to courses & curricula to non-admins that have reporting permission enabled.Screenshot_16.png

Read also: Courses And Curricula Visibility Rules In Reporting Dashboard


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