How can I assign Jobs to my Academy's Members?

In SchooX it is very easy to assign your Academy Members with the needed locations and structure! The process can be completed by you, an academy Admin, through the Manage Members page. 


Assigning a Job

Once you verify that you have assigned the needed locations and have configured the Job permissions for each job, head to the Manage Members page. To find the Manage Members page, head to the Administration Panel, click on Members and then select Manage Members.

The next step is to find the user you want to assign, by using the search bar or the available filters. Once you find them, click on the Edit Job option next to the user's name.


On the window that opens, two columns are displayed: on the left column the options that populate include all the locations that the user is under. Once you select a location, all the available jobs will populate in the left column. To assign a job to the user, select the Job and click Close to save your changes.


Please note that based on the permissions you have defined for your custom Jobs, you may not be able to assign them under all locations. For more information on this, read: How to define the permissions per job?

Removing a Job

To remove a job from a user, click on the Edit Job option next to the user's name, as you did to assign them the job. On the window that opens, remove the checkbox from the Job you want to remove and click Close. The job will be immediately removed from the user!

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