Which information can I edit on My Profile?

You can edit much information related to you, on your Academy Profile. Let's check how you can do this in more detail!

Firstly, to find your Profile, you need to hover over Me and then click on My Profile. To see the information you can edit and edit it, just click on Edit Profile


To edit an item just click on Edit next to the item, make the needed changes, and click Save. Once you complete all the modifications you need to, click Done Editing to finish the process. 


Now, let's check what information may be available for you to edit:

  • Firstname and Lastname
  • Country
  • Languages and Preferred language: learn more here: How do I change my preferred language?
  • Birthdate: You can change your birthday here. Just select a date from the pop-up calendar!
  • Custom Attributes: Based on the type of the attribute, you may need to add text or a number, select an option from a dropdown, or pick a date from a calendar.
  • Short Bio: Add a few words about yourself
  • Education: You can add a new one, or edit the ones you added in the past. 
  • Experience: You can add a new one, or edit the ones you added in the past. 

Please note that the information you are able to edit depends on which information your Academy Admin has permitted you to edit.

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