What is deep linking? How can it be used within Schoox?

Generally, a deep link is any link that directs a user past the home page of a website to the content inside of it. Most specifically in Schoox, you can use deep linking to add a piece of content, a course, or any training into an announcement, a description, or wherever it helps your needs! Let's check a use case in more detail!

Let's assume for example that you want to add a piece of content or a course to one of your Academy announcements. What are the steps you should follow? 

First, you will need to find the URL of the content or course in question.

Find the item you want to deep link

Course: To find a Course's URL just head to the Course Listings Page, find the Course you want to deep-link, click on its title, and then copy the URL from your browser.


Content: To find a specific Content item's URL, head to the Content Library, find the Content you want to deep-link, click More and then select Private Share Link.

Read more on what options you have on Content Items here: What options are available when editing my library items?

Before proceeding with the next steps, you need to make sure that the item that you are going to share is available to the users that will access it, as otherwise the end-users will be redirected to a "Restricted Access" page when opening the URL in question. 

For example, a course needs to be Public and in a category where the users have access to, and a content item needs to be in a category where the users have access.

You can read more on how to manage your Course/Library Categories in the following articles: 
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Deep Link the Item you Selected

The next step is to add the URL of the item you selected in an announcement, description, etc. You can add this wherever there is a text box that users will see!

Let's check the announcement as an example. Head to the Announcements page and select to send an Announcement. Once you reach the text box, add the URL with your preferred message. You can also hide this link, into a hyperlink, by using the relevant option.Screenshot_6.png

If you want to learn more about how you can access and send the different types of announcements read here:
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How can my users open the URL

Once your users receive the announcement or see the URL, they should click on the link to be redirected to the item in question. 

If the users are already logged in to Schoox, they will immediately be redirected to the item where the link is pointing to.

If the users are not logged in to Schoox, once they click the link they will be redirected to your login page. Once they log in, they will be immediately redirected to the item where the link is pointing to.

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