How to enable Live Sessions for my Academy?

Live Sessions is a part of the learning process that can be either connected to Courses/ Curricula or Standalone live-sessions, that is, they take place independently of any training material and are included in the platform in order to track any attendance-related information.

In Schoox you can set up Live Sessions, that take place virtually – connecting Schoox with your WebEx/ GoToTraining/ Zoom/ Microsoft Teams account.

In order to be able to create and initiate Live Sessions, you as an Admin will have to follow two steps. You will need to:

  • Enable the Live sessions module for your academy and then
  • Setup the integration with your WebEx/ GoToTraining/ Zoom/ Microsoft Teams account.

Step #1: Enable Live Sessions module

Hover over Admin from the upper navigation bar and then hit Academy Settings.


Under Advanced Settings click on the ILT Module.


Turn the toggle to yes in order to enable the Live Sessions for your academy.

Note: You can change this setting only once within a 24-hour timeframe. Depending on prior usage of this module heavy recalculations may be conducted to reflect updated progress.


Step #2: Live Sessions Integration

In order to initiate Live Sessions, you will need to connect Schoox with your WebEx/GoToTraining/ Zoom/ Microsoft Teams account.

Please note that currently, we do support the following types of accounts:


LogMeIn - GoToTraining 

Zoom Microsoft Teams
WebEx Training GoToTraining Zoom Webinars Microsoft Teams for Business - Online Meeting
    Zoom Meetings  

You have the option to connect either your academy or your personal profile with the WebEx/GoToTraining/Zoom/ Microsoft Teams account.


Tip! What’s the difference between these two options?

  • Connect with academy: The integration will be available to all Admins, TMs and Managers who can initiate Live Sessions
  • Connect with my personal account: The integration will be available only to you. Only you will be able to initiate live sessions using this integration.

For some more instructions on how to set up the integration please check also the following article:

How to set up a Live Sessions' Integration?




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